Episode #30: SHS One Year Anniversary Special

We made a long episode before the long weekend to celebrate our long year of podcasting! Listen to sixteen of our contributors from this past year compliment us on how great we are. We're so thankful to them, as well as all of our listeners and contributors! (Even you, Mystery San Francisco Super Listener.) Special thanks to the following contributors who participated in this episode: Ryan Jiorle, Covered Eyes, Episode 1, Heart Failure, Episode 15; Daniel DeLeon, Fruit on a Vine, Episode 26; Clayton Bradshaw, How to Care for Hyacinths, Episode 18; Lynn Knight, The Stetson, Episode 9; Theodore Carter, The Great Escape, Episode 16; Carol Guess, Somehow Always Getting it Right, Episode 12; Nicholas Patrick MacDonnell, Man's Best Friend, Episode 10; Lisa Heidle, The Wailer, Episode 3; Dianalee Velie, Angel's Choice, Silent Night, Episode 8; Doug Hoekstra, Mr. X, Episode 20; Edna Garte, The Chelmites Look for Justice, Episode 14; Gary Beck, Intrusion, Episode 11, The Man Who Shot Stonewall Jackson, Episode 18; Derek Lazarski, Fake Things Aren't Real, Episode 21; Yermiyahu Ahron Taub, Flowers for Madame, Episode 13; Sarah Bigham, Memories of Smoke, Episode 6; and Laura Copan, Lilith the Bigfoot, Episode 3.